Greetings, greetings, greetings!

Welcome one, welcome all!

My name is Mae, a 22 year old recent Law School graduate from London. This blog will particularly be focused around writing, food, travel, languages, TV/films, books, and photography!

After years of being in education I have finally found the time to start blogging. I hope you guys enjoy the many adventures we will embark on together! The sorts of posts that can be expected on this blog are mainly food adventures – I love trying new things and I would love to show you some of the cool places I find. Also, this ties in with my love of photography (although I’m just an amateur photographer). I have especially developed a liking to food and nature-focused photography – I will include a photo I took recently to this post (please let me know what you think!).

Generally, as this will be a lifestyle blog, expect to see anything and everything – well probably not everything…I still have to go to work! Apart from this, I am a huge Doctor Who fanatic, so do pardon me for the many geeky fangirl posts that will inevitably come your way. I can’t help it; it’s part of my British heritage.

Also, I’ll try to do more intellectually and spirituality stimulating posts. As a young adult in this day and age, there are many struggles/issues that I can either give my own input on or ask for guidance on. This could include current affairs, mental health, religion and spirituality etc.

If you would like to have a chat or work together please don’t be afraid to get in touch. I will leave the different social media platforms I currently use in the contact section. I predict that my main domain on the internet will be Instagram – so follow me ‘@namelymae‘ !!

Shall we get started? Allons-y!

All the best,


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